Camberley Town Centre Highway Improvements – A30 London Road

Package of highway, junction and streetscape improvements

Project Description

This scheme forms part of a package of measures of improvements along the A30 and adjoining local roads to improve accessibility to and within Camberley town centre. The proposals will complement the Camberley Town Centre Public Realm and A331\A30 Meadows gyratory improvements and will enable improvements to the highway network operations and accessibility along the next section of the A30 between the Meadows gyratory and Knoll Road, and specially deliver the regeneration of the London Road Block. The proposals include improvements to junction capacity, pedestrian and cyclist improvements and accessibility improvements to bus stops. The scheme will improve bus stop layout and bus reliability in the A30 corridor. The highway, junction and streetscape improvements will cover the following road sections: Section 1 • A30 London Rd \ Knoll Rd \ Kings Ride Section 2 • Knoll Rd \ Portesbery Rd • High St \ Portesbery Rd \ Pembroke Broadway • Park St\ Pembroke Broadway • Charles Street to A30 London Road

Key Outputs

The scheme together with the High Street Public Realm improvements Camberley Growth Package aims to achieve the borough target of an additional 7,500 jobs which is set out in the Council’s Core Strategy. The package will also support the creation of 3,240 homes in the Borough and will allow transformative actions in an area of growth potential, particularly with regard to transport and impacts of traffic congestion. It will fully realise the potential for the town centre , enable regeneration of the town centre and support business growth. The A30\A331 Meadows Gyratory and Corridor Improvements will improve journey time reliability and unlock the transport barriers caused by the current road infrastructure to improve the connectivity and accessibility to Camberley town centre and other key employment areas.
Growth Deal Amount: 
Total Project Cost: 
Project Date: 
Thu, 01/02/2020 to Sat, 01/02/2021
Scheme Promoter: 
Surrey County Council
Project Status: 
Coming Soon