Basingstoke North East Corridor to Growth - Phase 4 (Taylors Farm Roundabout and Thornhill Crossroads)

Improvements to address journey time unreliability along the A33 and around Basingstoke

Project Description

Improvements at Taylor's Farm Roundabout will increase capacity, ease congestion and improve journey time reliability In the future it will also provide access to a future housing development at Redlands, through provision of a fourth arm on the eastern side of the roundabout. The scheme consists of • Provision of short second lane flares on both the north and southbound A33 approaches; • Provision of a safe merge after the junction to allow two lanes of vehicles to proceed ahead on the A33 in both directions; and • Provision of pedestrian crossing improvements in the vicinity of the bus stop on the A33 southbound arm from Reading. Works at the A33/Thornhill Way junction will involve widening Thornhill Way to allow an additional right-turn lane out of the side road and upgrading the existing pedestrian crossing to a toucan crossing. Further improvements to the junction may also be necessary to provide capacity for a future housing development. The scheme consists of: • Optimisation of the existing signalised junction to ensure that the A33 can accommodate trips; • Provision of an additional approach lane for westbound A33 through traffic (and potential additional approach lane for eastbound A33 traffic

Key Outputs

Part of the Basingstoke North Corridor to Growth package of projects. Taken together these will help retain over 4,000 jobs within firms based at Chineham Park and Hampshire International Business Park. The package will produce a net increase of 526 jobs, 292 housing starts, and an additional £91m of Gross Value Added within the local economy.
Growth Deal Amount: 
Total Project Cost: 
£1.26 million
Project Date: 
Sat, 12/01/2018 to Sun, 03/31/2019
Scheme Promoter: 
Hampshire County Council
Project Status: 
Coming Soon