Basingstoke North East Corridor to Growth - Phase 2 (A33/Crockford Lane Roundabout) and Phase 3 (A33/Binfields Roundabout)

Improvements to address journey time unreliability along the A33 and around Basingstoke

Project Description

The package of improvements will help ease congestion in two of the major employment areas in Basingstoke, Chineham and Hampshire International Business Parks, as well as aid potential expansions and future job creation. In addition, the improvements will seek to unlock several key development sites along the corridor. The scheme includes: • Increased capacity and improved operation at the roundabouts • Reduced delays on the approaches to the roundabouts • widening the existing approach roads • road widening works on the roundabout • installation of traffic signals on the roundabout • upgrading of existing pedestrian and cycle facilities and connections • drainage works • Intelligent Transport System to help minimise and manage disruption during Project delivery, and maximise value of available road space both at the A33 and also across Basingstoke • Improved journey time reliability along the A33 corridor • Improved highway safety Part of the improvement work will be a major piece of work to address the root cause of the persistent localised flooding between the roundabouts, which stems from balancing pond north of the A33. Investigations have already been undertaken into the drainage in the area and the implications the extra drainage from the new road scheme would have on the balancing pond. Steps will therefore be taken to widen and line the pond while creating a new drainage system that will address future flooding issues.

Key Outputs

Part of the Basingstoke North Corridor to Growth package of projects. Taken together these will help retain over 4,000 jobs within firms based at Chineham Park and Hampshire International Business Park. The package will produce a net increase of 526 jobs,, 292 housing starts, and an additional £91m of Gross Value Added within the local economy.
Growth Deal Amount: 
£6.73 million
Total Project Cost: 
£10.63 million
Project Date: 
Thu, 06/01/2017 to Sat, 09/01/2018
Scheme Promoter: 
Hampshire County Council
Project Status: