Basingstoke North East Corridor to Growth - Phase 1 (A33 Popley Way junction and A33/A339 Ringway junction improvements)

Improvements to address journey time unreliability along the A33 and around Basingstoke

Project Description

This scheme comprises a roundabout and a signal controlled junction in close proximity on the southern end of the A33, A33/A339 Ringway Roundabout and A33 Popley Way Junction. These junction improvements, along with future proposals along the A33 corridor, help address existing problems of journey time unreliability along the A33 and around Basingstoke, thus supporting access to jobs. In addition to increasing capacity and improving traffic flow, these works also improve access to proposed local development North of Popley Fields, Razors Farm, Cafaude Farm and Redlands and existing local business parks. A33 Reading Road / A339 Ringway Junction: • Construct an additional queuing lane on the A33 approach to the junction • Additional lane on the northern section of the gyratory • Updating the existing traffic signals Popley Way / A33 Junction: • Additional left turn slip lane at the Popley Way junction with the A33 • Updated pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities • Updated signals at the junction

Key Outputs

Part of the Basingstoke North Corridor to Growth package of projects. Taken together these will create a net increase of 264 jobs (plus an additional 102 construction jobs), 292 housing starts, and an additional £91m of Gross Value Added within the local economy.
Growth Deal Amount: 
£2.16 million
Total Project Cost: 
£2.33 million
Project Date: 
Tue, 09/01/2015 to Fri, 03/30/2018
Scheme Promoter: 
Hampshire County Council
Project Status: