Basingstoke North Corridor A340

Highway capacity improvements to achieve more reliable journey times, provide enhanced pedestrian and cycle facilities and support the delivery of new

Project Description

This scheme was designed to reduce congestion and delays and improved journey time reliability on the A340 North Basingstoke corridor, thus supporting access to jobs. The key outcomes were: • Improved access to housing at Park Prewett Northern Area, Aldermaston Triangle and Merton Rise • Improved safety on the A340 corridor • Reduced local rat-running in Rooksdown • Enhanced pedestrian / cyclist integration between housing / employment in the local area • Maintained essential access to the hospital This scheme comprises two junction improvements on a 400m section of the A340 Aldermaston Road corridor on the northern edge of Basingstoke, in close proximity of several key development sites and the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital. The scheme provided a comprehensive solution to several inter-related transport issues and constraints in this area, with key benefits including: • additional capacity and improved junction operation leading to reduced journey times and improved journey time reliability on the A340; • improved safety at the Lodge junction; • supporting the viability of traffic management measures through the Rooksdown area to reduce rat-running (particularly between the A339 / A340); • improved pedestrian/cycle facilities which integrate housing developments to the nearby hospital and employment sites.

Key Outputs

The scheme supported delivery of up to 1,500 homes, including at the Park Prewett Northern Area and Merton Rise, both adjacent to the A340. It will also help potentially unlock the Aldermaston Triangle site for development (approximately 150 houses). A local economic impacts tool has calculated a net increase of 48 jobs (plus an additional 50 construction jobs), 185 housing starts, and an additional £10m of GVA within the local economy as a result of the scheme.
Growth Deal Amount: 
£3.34 million
Total Project Cost: 
£4 million
Project Date: 
Tue, 09/01/2015 to Thu, 06/30/2016
Scheme Promoter: 
Hampshire County Council
Project Status: