Andover Accessibility Improvements

Improvements to attractiveness of Andover through public realm and accessibility schemes

Project Description

The scheme focuses on a series of pedestrian accessibility improvements in conjunction with environmental improvements in three areas of the town centre: • Newbury St/Upper High St • Chantry St • Andover Town Centre Key elements include: • Creation of a traffic calmed, pedestrian and cycle welcoming area, improving linkages to amenities, shops and businesses in the High Street. • highway carriageway narrowing and footways widening and resurfacing • formalisation of pedestrian crossing desire lines • various measures to calm traffic • New and improved signage • Updated street lighting • Landscaping enlarged improved and updated • Upgrading street furniture

Key Outputs

The scheme improves Andover Town Centre encouraging better pedestrian facilities linking to the High Street. It also provides improved crossing facilities and encourages slower vehicle speeds making the town centre safer and attractive to visitors and shoppers therefore improve the local economy. The scheme also provides for cyclists wishing to travel against the flow of traffic on the one way section. The route significantly enhances linkages between the town centre and Andover College. The scheme also support the recently upgraded Andover bus station and proposed improvements to Andover railway station as well as improvements on the Folly roundabout which includes cycle and pedestrian accessibility enhancements on three arms of the roundabout.
Growth Deal Amount: 
Total Project Cost: 
Project Date: 
Mon, 02/02/2015 to Wed, 09/02/2015
Scheme Promoter: 
Hampshire County Council
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