Aldershot Railway Station

Creation of an improved transport interchange and public realm at Aldershot railway Station

Project Description

Aldershot Railway Station is an important gateway into Aldershot Town Centre. The project involves: • significant changes to the existing forecourt of the railway station, through public realm improvements • a pedestrian friendly environment • a realigned public transport interchange incorporating buses, taxis, cycling and a ‘kiss and drop’ facility • the provision of a new decked car park. • unlocking the existing bus station site to deliver housing and commercial units The scheme creates an improved public transport interchange within the forecourt of the train station, improving pedestrian linkages into the town centre and, in turn, unlocking a development site (the bus station) in a highly sustainable location adjacent to a mainline railway. The subsequent relocation of the bus station will reduce the number of unnecessary bus movements around this part of the town centre, resulting in reduced traffic congestion around a key transport hub. In addition, Hampshire County Council is implementing transport improvements to Windsor Way to reduce unnecessary traffic flow/congestion in the town centre and create a more direct connection for commuters travelling to/from the east of Aldershot. Reduced traffic flow along Station Road will facilitate improved pedestrian links between the station gateway and the town centre.

Key Outputs

It is estimated that approximately 41 new construction jobs will be created and the scheme will also act a catalyst to development in the town centre. It is estimated that approx. 25 new jobs will be created from the commercial floorspace. Approximately 480 sqm commercial floorspace for retail uses will be released associated with a mainline transport interchange The development of the existing bus station site will create about 30 new homes in a highly sustainable location.
Growth Deal Amount: 
Total Project Cost: 
£1.8 million
Project Date: 
Mon, 01/01/2018 to Fri, 06/01/2018
Scheme Promoter: 
Rushmoor Borough Council
Project Status: 
Coming Soon