Careers Enterprise Company Activity

EM3 is working with businesses to ensure that skills are addressed as a significant factor in the growth of our economy, and that potential skills shortages and gaps do not become a barrier or have an impact on this growth.  As well as continuing to attract qualified and skilled residents to the LEP and a strategy to provide upskilling and reskilling of an existing older workforce, we also run the Enterprise Adviser Network, a national initiative run by the Careers and Enterprise Company to promote and optimise links between business, schools and colleges, and education providers. 

Research shows that young people who have 4 or more encounters with business are less likely to be unemployed, and will on average earn 18% more than their peers.  Our Enterprise Adviser Network is aiming to safeguard the future of our economy through developing a skills pipeline and supporting our future workforce.

For business

An Enterprise Adviser is a strategic industry or business ambassador from organisations of all sizes who understand the role of business in supporting young people to become work ready and gain the right skills for the EM3 region. They also recognise the opportunity to identify their future talent workforce and provide their employees with continuing professional development and community engagement opportunities. 

However, there are many other ways your business can also support this strategy, and work with an Enterprise Coordinator. You can:

  • offer young people encounters with the world of work, such as mentoring or work experience
  • encourage your staff to volunteer for local outreach activities or work encounters
  • take your school engagement programmes into more schools and colleges

For schools

Our team of Enterprise Coordinators work with school and college career leaders to build a stable, sustainable career programme.  We work with secondary schools to assist them in achieving the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks, primarily around encounters with employers and employees, and experience of workplaces, supporting their work to help young people to attain the relevant skills and attainment ready for the world of work.  By matching the school with an Enterprise Adviser who is trained and supported by an Enterprise Coordinator, they have access to business knowledge and networks to achieve this.  Enterprise Coordinators are a fully funded resource available to secondary schools, and work collaboratively with the schools existing education providers.


The Careers Enterprise Company

The Enterprise Adviser Network connects young people with work experiences

Our national network connects schools and colleges with employers and careers programme providers and supports them to work together to provide effective work experiences for young people.

How the network supports schools, colleges and employers:

The network is made up of Enterprise Coordinators who we co-fund with Local Enterprise Partnerships. Enterprise Coordinators are trained professionals who work with clusters of 20 schools and colleges to build careers plans and make connections to local and national employers. 

Enterprise Coordinators support a group of senior business volunteers, known as Enterprise Advisers, who they match with one of the school or colleges in the network.

Enterprise Advisers use their knowledge of the local business landscape to support the headteacher or careers team to develop an effective careers plan and to create opportunities with their business contacts in the area for their school or college’s students.

We can help you to improve your school's careers provision and prepare your students for their futures.

We know there is great work happening to inspire and support young people, and we want to help schools and colleges build on this.

The government’s Careers Strategy, published in December 2017, brings with it a range of new requirements for schools to deliver quality careers support for young people. We are here to support you every step of the way.

To connect young people with the world of work, we have created a nationwide network of schools, colleges, businesses and careers activity programmes. Being part of our network is completely free and has a range of benefits for your school in relation to meeting the new statutory guidance requirements.

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