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How Enterprise M3 LEP provides the ‘human face’ of business and the economy in challenging times

Last updated 04 December 2020
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James Cretney
The diverse public, private and third-sector nature of Enterprise M3 LEP’s board, which connect it to the heart of its region, is key to the LEP’s success, according to outgoing board member James Cretney.
James, the chief executive of Marwell Zoo, has stood down from the Enterprise M3 LEP board after serving the maximum term of six years. He believes the inclusivity, diversity, experience and skills mix within the LEP’s board ensures it delivers a holistic approach to improving all aspects of the region’s economy.

Business and the economy can feel a bit cold and heartless as concepts, but EM3 LEP gives it a very human face.

The Board, all of whom are close to the reality of economic life in the region, has people of all different backgrounds, experience and knowledge contributing ideas. It really is a masterclass in how to harness skills, experience and inspiration to make good decisions.

They are equitable, fair and open minded in terms of projects and people which means they bring the same amount of enthusiasm and consideration to a cultural project as they do to a highly technical one such as 5G. They consider them of equal value, and that approach ensures a holistic approach to improving all aspects of our region’s economy

I have enjoyed their positive approach and remain constantly impressed by the LEP’s output which is quite astonishingly. It is a tribute to the staff’s commitment and dedication under Kathy Slack’s leadership that they are able to deliver outstanding results so consistently.

The recent announcement that EM3 is the only LEP in the country to achieve recognition as one of the government’s top seven ‘space clusters’ is an indication of how EM3 continues to  punch above its weight in delivering results for our local economy.

My six-year term on the Board has been truly inspiring – I have learned so much and will miss both the people and the projects 

I have enjoyed participating in the evolution of the LEP as it has innovated and integrated into our region over the past six years – without losing its culture or ethos. It is already adapting to the newer world and I look forward to seeing it continue to use those skills, experience and knowledge for the benefit of our region.

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